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Labor Law

Our Firm specializes in private and collective labor relations and the relationship between employee and employer, in all its aspects, including mediation, arbitration and claims in the Labor Courts.

In addition, we offer employers a wide range of legal services related to dealing with employees and service providers, such as:

  • Ongoing legal advice in the field of Employment Law;

  • Drafting personal employment agreements, conducting negotiations with employees;

  • Legal representation in Courts;

  • Preparation of legal opinions on various issues in Employment law;

Our Firm has gained extensive experience in representing employers and employees in issues such as:

  • Pre-dismissal hearings, unlawful dismissals, payment of severance pay and prior notice;

  • Women's rights at work, sexual harassment and dismissal due to pregnancy or fertility treatment, violation of the Equal Opportunity Act;

  • Non-payment of wages and social rights, pension provisions including proceedings before pension and insurance companies for the release of policies, etc.;

  • Consulting and representation in negotiations prior to the signing of an employment agreement, retirement arrangements in dismissal and hearing proceedings, restraining orders, etc.

We accompany the employer on a regular basis for the purpose of creating proper employment relationships, drafting employment agreements in accordance with existing law and legislation that include critical clauses for the protection of the employer and we make sure that the pay slips issued to employees meet all the required conditions.

Through ongoing and focused legal advice, we reduce as far as possible future risks and exposures of the employer to lawsuits, fines and sanctions.

Thanks to our legal advice, based on many years of experience, we save our clients time and money.

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