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Commercial Law

Our Firm specializes in the field of Hi-Tech and Commercial Law, which includes accompanying companies on a regular basis, high-tech and raising capital.

The Firm provides our clients with comprehensive envelope services for their busines or company, handling all ongoing legal activities which include legal assistance regarding commercial contracts, among other things: confidentiality agreements, licensing agreements, dealing with investors and suppliers of the company, negotiation and crisis resolution, commercial legal advice and handling regulation and company secretariat as required.

The Firm with its unique expertise in the high-tech field accompanies a variety of start-up companies in various stages - from the start-up stage, through the capital raising phase and transaction management and raising rounds with investors and venture capital funds, as well as handling mergers and acquisitions.

The legal services include conducting negotiations aimed at maximizing the profits of the company and its founder, legal advice to the founders regarding the manner of recruitment and commercial conditions, managing the round and passing on all transaction documents until signing, as well as ongoing handling of all regulatory matters, employee stock options and correct legal and commercial decisions.

The Firm's clients are leading technology companies in the field of cyber, gaming, advertising, pharma, solar energy and a many other technological areas.

Accompanied by the legal department of our Firm, you will receive a wide range of legal services that will help you ensure that every legal aspect of your company or business is covered and receives a commercial response in every area.

You may rest assured that the good of your company is paramount and that the legal services you receive will be done with personal guidance while placing a unique emphasis on your commercial interests.

Thanks to our legal advice, based on many years of experience, we save our clients time and money.

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