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Real Estate

Our Firm provides legal advice to business and private clients in the field of real estate. We handle all legal levels related to real estate transactions.

Our firm offers our clients ongoing support and accurate legal planning in a variety of real estate transactions, including:


  • First-hand or second-hand residential sale or purchase transactions;

  • Transactions for the sale or purchase of apartments for investment;

  • Transactions of income-producing real estate or for commercial use (shops, offices, warehouses, etc.);

  • Transactions for the sale or purchase of plots and land for any purpose (private or commercial).

In addition, our Firm provides legal advice on issues related to the execution of real estate projects for landowners and land rights holders, including TMA 38 and evacuation-construction projects.

As a complementary service, our Firm provides our clients with a complete package of legal advice in the field of real estate, including:

  • Legal advice regarding lease agreements of all types;

  • Making registrations and registration corrections in the Tabu;

  • Issuance of inheritance orders or Will Execution Orders for the purpose of registering an inheritance;

  • Legal advice for real estate tax planning.

Thanks to our legal advice, based on many years of experience, we save our clients time and money.

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